Multi-Location Shop Management

YES Enterprise Edition

Our premier offering for multi-location businesses, the YES Enterprise Edition provides for data warehousing of shared customer records, history and setup, while allowing separate pending screens, invoice number sequence and operating environments in YES. You will be able to run reports for separate stores or all combined. 



Each store will have all the Ease of Use and Flexibility options available to the YES Management System.

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Point of Sale Invoicing

  • Invoices, Parts Counter Tickets, Estimates and Appointments
  • Record Recommended Services
  • Track Gross Profit and Technician Efficiency
  • Catalog Integrations and Online Purchasing
  • Oil Change Labeling
  • Custom Service Order Design
  • Free VIN Decoding with CARfax™
  • Email and SMS Text Messaging!


  • Integrated Appointment Scheduler
  • Maintenance Pre-Scheduling for a Customer's Next Service
  • Re-Scheduling Invoices and Appointments

Inventory Control

  • Large Inventory Capacity
  • Organize by Part Type and Manufacturer
  • Control Profit Margin and Markup
  • Online Parts Ordering
  • Automatic Restocking and Purchase Orders
  • Return Part/Core Tracking

Customer Management

  • Standard or Custom Vehicle Maintenance Schedules
  • Integrated Marketing Systems with Email
  • Establish up to 6 Price Levels
  • Invoice History and Sales/Cost Analysis


  • Optional QuickBooks Export of Invoicing Sales, Receivables and Payables
  • Pay Period module allows for recording Paid Work In Progress for more accurate Technician Labor Time Reports

Optional Time Clock

  • Track Clocked Hours per Employee
  • Technician Efficiency and Productivity Tracking by Invoice, Labor or Job

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