Pace is the leader in auto shop repair management software.

Founded in 1988, Pace Software is the leading provider of cloud-based auto repair shop management software.

About Us

Pace Software began in Rick Spahn’s garage in his house in Chicago, USA in April, 1988. Being an engineer by profession and having owned an auto repair shop for over 13 years in Chicago, Rick applied his shop and software development expertise to begin building Yes Prime Repair Shop Software.

Soon many new auto repair shops like Brake Masters started using the Yes Management System. They all loved Pace’s Yes software for it being an ‘All-in-One’ Auto Repair Software with total control over their business from inventory, to bookkeeping, parts & labor guide integration, and point-of-sale entry.

Pace has thrived because it was originally designed by auto repair and IT experts who understand what it is like to work in the auto repair and servicing industry.

Today, Pace’s Yes Prime Repair Shop software is a direct result of our experience, combined with many years of customer feedback and suggestions for new features that have been incorporated into the product.

Recognizing Yes Primes’ potential as an industry leader, Pace Software is now part of the Fog Software Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX:CSU), an international provider of software and services to multiple industries across public and private sectors.

Under the Constellation Software umbrella, Pace benefits from a strong corporate platform, greater access to resources, and international support. At the same time, Pace’s 30-year history and industry expertise enable us to provide outstanding software and support to our customers.

What’s it like, being a user of Pace’s Software? Our customers have provided feedback that Yes Prime assists with efficiencies at every level, from customer and vehicle records, to inventory management, point of sale, staff metrics measurements and more.

Now that you know a little bit about us, Let’s Talk to discuss your business objectives and how we can help you manage your shop operations, put a smile on your customer’s face and increase your revenue.

We’re a part of the ASA Auto family, and we’d like you to be a part of ours. Book a demo to see if Yes Prime by Pace Software is right for you and your business, or ask us about our software designed for larger enterprise customers.


Our Big Numbers = Your Big Growth

Founded in 1989, ASA Automotive Systems is the leading developer and provider of on-premise and cloud-based shop management systems and services for more than 3,000 independent tire dealers, retreaders and automotive service and repair shops across North America.

Number of Daily Users


The number of users who use our software daily, all across the nation.

Number of Daily Users


The number of users who use our software daily, all across the nation.

Number of Daily Users


The number of users who use our software daily, all across the nation.

Number of Daily Users


The number of users who use our software daily, all across the nation.

ASA Company History

ASA Automotive Systems has been helping grow tireand automotive businesses for nearly 30 years.

ASA launches TireMaster GTX, the premier all-in-one business software with centralized accounting, localized POS and in-depth reporting tools developed especially for multi-site tire and auto service centers.


ASA releases G4 POS, a quoting and estimating application that can be used by both mobile devices and PCs.


Constellation Software of Toronto, Canada purchases ASA Automotive Systems. After the acquisition, ASA is assigned to the operating division FOG Software Group, which is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois.


ASA Tire Systems, Inc. changes its name to ASA Automotive Systems LLC, as the business focus has evolved to offering software and services to automotive shops in addition to tire dealers.


Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC (BATO) selects ASA as the software provider for their North American retail dealers. Under this agreement, TireMaster is packaged with various interfaces and add-on modules and is sold to Bridgestone dealers under the name Cornerstone powered by ASA. A pair of ASA products are rebranded: TreadX becomes TireMaster Enterprise and the TireMaster multi-store application becomes TireMaster Corporate. The single-store programs, with and without a general ledger, retain the names TireMaster and TireMaster Point of Sale.


ASA purchases TireMaster from Bandag. During Bandag’s ownership, significant TireMaster development occurred, including national account processing interfaces.


ASA reaches a licensing agreement with Bandag to sell TireMaster. The deal provides ASA with TreadX, a Windows-based product to market to smaller businesses.


ASA buys Progressive Computers of Kirkland, WA. Progressive’s product TirePro was designed by one of the authors of TRIMS (Progressive Computers spun off from CNW in 1987).


ASA acquires Computers Northwest (CNW) of Seattle. CNW is the producer of TRIMS.


ASA International Ltd. enters the tire industry with the purchase of ASCO, the leading supplier of software to tire dealers.


ASA begins talks with the owner of Idaho-based Quality Design Systems (QDS), the producer of TireMaster. This acquisition falls through when Bandag makes an offer QDS can’t refuse.


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