Yes Prime

Comprehensive and customizable auto repair shop management 

Yes Prime Repair Shop Software

Yes Prime is a suite of repair shop management tools designed from the ground up to help you run your business more efficiently.

Yes Prime includes several critical functions that allow you to break ahead in the automotive service industry, with tools designed to streamline and optimize your operations.

Everything serves as a centralized platform that automates essential and repetitive tasks, allowing you to have more time to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Yes Prime puts all the important information right at your fingertips in a well-laid-out, optimized user interface that can be used by staff members of various skill levels, with team members ranging from the longest servicing member on the team to the newest.

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A typical management interface panel for Yes Prime. The user interface is designed so that the most important functions are, at most, just a few clicks away.

Yes Prime has a tablet interface where technicians can see what tasks have been assigned to them, as well as clock into and out of particular tasks.

DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection) with YES Prime Repair Shop Software

DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection)- Paid Add-on (tablet based)

Learn more about Yes Prime and how Pace Software can help. 

Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ software, Pace’s Yes Prime Repair Shop software is fully customizable to your business needs and plans for growth. With total control over your business from inventory management, bookkeeping, parts & labor guides, and point-of-sale entry. Our software will not just help you improve operations, but grow profits, serve your customers better and expand your business.

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