Yes Prime Features

Pace Softwares’ Yes Prime Repair Shop Software is a collection of online tools that store owners like you can use to manage your business.

Scheduling and Task Management

For an auto servicing business, being able to schedule jobs and bookings easily helps increase customer satisfaction as the correct expectations can be set in regards to pick up and drop off times. This can indirectly result in more business through positive reviews, word-of-mouth reputation and more.

Scheduling Module Features:

Yes Prime is optimized for auto repair stores and unlike a generic management tool, it is tailored around the unique challenges that repair shops face in regards to active jobs, booked jobs, parts ordering, repeat customers and more.


Don’t rely on sticky notes and scraps of paper any more! Appointments that are integrated and synced with your workshop management software mean you’re always prepared and organised.


Since you already know when your customers need their next service, schedule the next appointment when they're already in your shop! Then let your automated text reminders ensure they show up.


Set-and-forget with automated reminders and customer messaging systems. Alert customers of upcoming appointments and service reminders with customizable messages.


It’s one thing to automatically pre-schedule appointments, but in the event that a customer needs to reschedule or other tasks have taken precedence, Yes Prime makes it super simple to reschedule.

Book a Guided Product Demonstration

If Yes Prime promises to solve a day-to-day issue that you encounter with it’s clever scheduling and organization features, follow the link below to request a demonstration and speak to our product specialists for a personalized introduction to Yes Prime Repair Shop Software.