Yes Prime Features

Pace Softwares’ Yes Prime Repair Shop Software is a collection of online tools that store owners like you can use to manage your business.

Each component of Yes Prime is designed to combat a common pain point that store owners experience and each is optimized for businesses in the automotive servicing industry. No general repurposed software here!


Point of Sale

Invoice management and payment tracking, easy estimate and quoting system. Track accepted and declined quotes.


Inventory Control

Compare parts in stock, vs available at suppliers. Automatic prompts for ordering needed items. Easy reporting.



Built-in calendar, repair timeframe estimates, automated customer reminders via text .


Customer Management

Collate and organize return customers under either customer name or vehicle identification.



Record work in progress, and export to Quickbooks for easier collaboration with accountants.


Time Clock

Review and report on employee punches, customize non-billed codes, and billed vs clocked tech efficiency tracking .

Is Yes Prime right for you

Replace your existing software solution with a comprehensive suite of tools, to bring your business up to date with the latest technology. Schedule a demo and speak to our sales team to learn more.