3 Must-Have Features For Your Auto Repair Software

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Is your auto repair software working for you

When you are shopping for a new auto repair software it’s because either you have outgrown your current software or are dissatisfied and wonder if there might be a better fit. More than a set of new features, the tipping point is when your current software doesn't scale up with your growing business needs and complexities.

Every auto repair business wants to grow, reach out to more potential audiences, and convert them into paying, profitable customers. Expanding existing facilities and adding more locations require software that can grow along with your business needs. 

Look for these critical software functions to help you grow your business.

1. Seamless integration of your back-office and front-office operations and data

For many auto repair businesses, the front-end and back-end operations of the shop exist as two different functions in two different systems. The front-end is where the customer interacts, the point-of-sale, but there is little to no integration with the behind-the-scenes back-end where the bookkeeping and inventory data is stored. While two different systems can pass data back and forth, there is no way to get “real-time” data. 

This makes it difficult for the shop owners and managers to wield control over every aspect of the business, including point-of-sale (POS), inventory control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, marketing, business intelligence, and analytics. 

You really need a fully integrated system, where the customer-facing, point-of-sale features are reading your back-end data, so you know the profitability of each customer, what you’ve recommended, and what services their vehicles need. 

Software that offers this kind of all-in-one platform is also exactly what you’ll need as you add more locations.


2. Improve Gross Profit

Making the business more profitable is not easy. We understand that the auto repair business is dynamic with many different moving parts.

Your auto repair software, therefore, needs to do more than point-of-sale, merely printing quotes and invoices. Whether you have one store or more than 100, you need a comprehensive business management system that helps optimize your business performance, provide refined and efficient process management and boost revenue. 

Try automating your declined services marketing by allowing your service writers to quickly recall what services the customer declined on their last visit and use it to upsell, while they are preparing quotes for the customer. 

Also, to increase ticket value, you can set up routine maintenance at suggested intervals for vehicle tune-ups as well as replacing consumable items such as oil, brake fluid, battery, power steering fluid, etc., and allow your techs to cross-sell routine maintenance services to customers.

How would it impact your business? Increase in gross profit and average repair order revenue.


3. Provide the greatest customer experience

These days, buyers are empowered when it comes to servicing their cars. “Auto shops near me” searches are on the rise. Your customers are now looking for a frictionless experience – they want services to be faster, easier and convenient across all touchpoints.

The question is “Can your customers find you online, get what they need when they come to your shop, and leave with a smile on their face?”

The kind of interaction your customers have with your shop at every touchpoint defines the customer experience. The better the customer experience, the better customer retention, lifetime value, and loyalty towards your auto repair shop.

Get software that allows you to provide a superb customer experience from start to end with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and modern customer-retention features like custom digital inspections and appointment scheduler.

It’s a grueling process to “make do” with software that doesn’t do what you really want it to do, that limits your flexibility, doesn’t read back-end data, or doesn’t offer in-depth features and functionality to keep you on the road to success. It’s therefore getting critical for auto service dealers to get what you need the first time.

Pace’s Yes Management System is cloud-based, mobile-ready, and most importantly easy-to-use. It’s one of the most COMPREHENSIVE auto repair shop management systems with ‘All-in-One’ POS, bookkeeping, and inventory, designed not just to improve your operations, but to grow profits, serve your customers better, and expand your business.

Call (800)-336-1615  to discuss your business objectives and software needs today or book some time on Chris’s calendar here.

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