7 Tips to Choosing the Right Auto Repair Software

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In the world of Amazon, Netflix, and Uber, customers now demand services that are fast, mobile, and easy to access. The right auto repair software can help you deliver all three. You will have a competitive edge -- and increase your profitability -- if you deliver service that gives customers what they need when they need it, and how they want it delivered.

Choosing the right auto repair software to help you run a more profitable business, therefore, is an important decision. Here are the 5 key points to consider:

1. Choose all-in-one auto repair software that includes point-of-sale (POS), inventory, and bookkeeping.

At the heart of every successful tire and auto services company, you’ll find a strong back-office system, one that empowers owners and managers to wield control over every aspect of the business, including point-of-sale (POS), inventory control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, marketing, business intelligence, reporting, and more. Data is integrated and up-to-the-minute accurate. Software that offers this kind of all-in-one platform is also exactly what you’ll need as you add more locations.

Also, having one software will also significantly reduce the effort of installation, training, support, and maintenance. You and store personnel would just need to deal with the ‘ONE’ vendor and learn ‘ONE’ software.

2. Think scalability; think long term. Auto repair software that is scalable in design means that it can easily grow with your business. Factors include cloud-based system, mobile-friendly interface, end-user customizations, database structure (centralized data), and admin functions like in-depth reporting and analysis.

In a fully integrated system, the customer-facing, point-of-sale features are reading your back-end data, so you know the profitability of each customer, what you’ve recommended, and what services their vehicles need. 

3. Look for a strong shop floor management system to help you schedule appointments, manage bays, and track the progress of orders. Without a strong and flexible shop floor management system, count on chaos. One seamless system can provide all the functionality you need, so double entry of data is no longer required. Inventory from one site will be visible to the next, so you can transfer parts between locations easily and efficiently. Appointments will be tracked in an orderly fashion. Customers will get the service they are promised, on time and without hassle.

4. Make sure your auto repair software has business analytics. You are already collecting customer, vehicle, and sales data. Shouldn’t you have auto repair software that puts it into good use? Business intelligence helps you measure the performance of every aspect of your auto services business. Through a single dashboard, you can call up and review margins, evaluate the performance of a particular salesperson or location, and customize that analysis by any given time window you see fit.

5. Provide the greatest customer experience. These days, buyers are empowered when it comes to servicing their cars. “Auto shops near me” searches are on the rise. Your customers are now looking for a frictionless experience – they want services to be faster, easier and convenient across all touchpoints.

The question is “Can your customers find you online, get what they need when they come to your shop, and leave with a smile on their face?”

The kind of interaction your customers have with your shop at every touchpoint defines the customer experience. The better the customer experience, the better customer retention, lifetime value, and loyalty towards your auto repair shop.

Get software that allows you to provide a superb customer experience from start to end with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and modern customer-retention features like Texting, Digital Inspections, Appointments Scheduler, Loyalty points, etc.

6. Invest in ongoing software training & support. To avoid data loss, user error, and other setbacks that are all-too-common while implementing and using new auto repair software, make sure your software vendor will be there throughout the process. Ask your software vendor to provide statistics on their commitment to customer service.

7. Talk to current customers. Ask your software vendor for references in your area. When speaking or emailing current customers, ask: How long they have been using the repair shop software? How is it helping them streamline operations, increase staff efficiency and ticket value? Is the software company’s support staff responsive? 

Pace’s Yes Prime Re[air Shop software is cloud-based, mobile-ready, and most importantly easy-to-use. It’s one of the most COMPREHENSIVE auto repair shop management systems with ‘All-in-One’ POS, bookkeeping, and inventory, designed not just to improve your operations, but to grow profits, serve your customers better, and expand your business.

Call (800)-336-1615  to discuss your business objectives and software needs today or book some time on Chris’s calendar here.

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