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Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @ 17:06 PM / by Brian Adelman

The first place an Auto Repair Shop Software can increase productivity is at the front counter. A fundamental tool that every shop should utilize is a standardized interview process for many common repair or maintenance scenarios. When a service advisor spends a few extra moments gathering specific information about what has brought the customer into your repair shop, it translates into both improved technician productivity, a more effective flow of scheduled work for the day and an advertisement of the expertise of your facility.

A few years ago, my car was a little brake noise. Out of convenience, I decided to bring my vehicle into a 5 bay service facility down the street from my office. I walked in and greeted the service advisor, and let him know that I believe my brakes need attention. I told him that there is noise coming from the front brakes.

 The advisor wrote down “Check brakes” on the technician worksheet, took my keys and said they would give me a call when they had an idea of what I needed. I walked out of that shop thinking “I know more about what is wrong with my vehicle than they do”.

A customer in my position would be left with no expectation for what kind of repair he may be looking at or even when he can expect to know when his vehicle would be completed.

In the above situation, the service advisor could have gotten everything he needed to know by asking the following questions:

  • Do You Hear Any SQUEAKING Noise Left/Right/Front/Back?
  • Do You Hear Any GRINDING Noise Left/Right/Front/Back?
  • Is the Vehicle PULLING Left/Right?
  • Is Your Vehicle PULSATING At High/Low Speed
  • Are There Any Dashboard Warning Lights On?



The answers to these questions can make the difference between the likelihood of maintenance Brake Service and a more involved caliper or master cylinder repair/replace requiring parts delivery and more time in the shop.

Had the service advisor those few key questions, he could have better informed a technician of what the likely service would entail, known approximately how long such a service would take and be able to advise of the different cost expectations for the kind of repair needed. The questions also establish your expertise and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customer.

Another advantage to Packaged Interviews is that they can assist in the training of your newly employed service advisors. Putting together a library of such interviews will standardize the front counter procedures for all your employees.


Examples of the kinds of interviews that you can package:

 Brake Concerns

  • Cooling System
  • Drivability
  • Vehicle Noise
  • AC/Heating Problems

 If the specific questions are already packaged for the new hire to use, they will be more confident and productive on their first day working your customers.



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Brian Adelman

Written by Brian Adelman

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