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Fri, Aug 16, 2013 @ 10:08 AM / by Dave Lowell

What is an online integration? 

Online integration allows a shop management system to access to access another program whether it is for parts, labor, accounting, or another useful purpose.


Why should I use an online integration? 

Integration provides many useful benefits to the end user. Speed, consistency, and accuracy top that list. Integrations save time in the shop, by simplifying the workflow. They help in the back office by allowing a shop easier access to business information without having to learn a new accounting system, as most accountants are already familiar with popular accounting software programs.


What are some additional benefits of using online integration? 

Parts store integrations will send the VIN in order to provide you with the most accurate parts quote, and avoid having to look up the vehicle a second time. This helps ensure that the parts ordered are for the right vehicle. Once you order the part, it should also record the price paid, vendor’s part number, and vendor’s order number directly to the customer’s invoice. Additionally, many vendors offer incentives to shops that place their orders online instead of over the phone. 

Labor guide integrations will send vehicle information, including the VIN, to the labor guide to simplify lookup. Once a repair has been selected, a good integration brings labor times and descriptions back into the invoice, billing them out based on the shop’s labor rate. 

An accounting integration will allow you to more easily track your accounts, including your individual general ledger accounts. It will also allow you to move your invoices to the third party program, simplifying your bookkeeping and your business. Additionally, using a popular accounting program means a shop can hire personnel with experience in another office setting without much training time. Less training time means fewer hours wasted in needless training.

Online Integration

You may already know about online catalog integrations available with YES Management System, but did you know that AutoZone is currently offering 5% back on all online purchases made through your YES Management System for 90 days?


Ordering online through YES Management System has many benefits, including:

  • Automatic Vehicle Lookup
  • Order Tracking
  • Automated Vendor Invoice/Part Number Records

In addition to these benefits, AutoZone offers:

  • Quick Local Delivery
  • Large On-Hand Inventory ensures your part is never far from your shop
  • Labor Reimbursement on Warranty Replacements
  • Shop Referral Program
  • Loan-A-Tool Program
  • Credit Program
  • Core Charge Deferral 

Want to learn more? Contact your local AutoZone Commercial Sales Manager for details. Don’t have an AutoZone Commercial Account yet? Forward this email with your shop information to or call 866-727-5317 to get started! 

Need to set up your Online Integration in YES? Simply click here.


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