Simple Steps to Reduce Stress on the Job

Mon, Nov 16, 2015 @ 12:11 PM / by Christine Lowell

Let’s face it; the Auto Repair Industry tends to be a stressful industry to work in. Sure, we all love it – that’s why we do it – but it can be tough!  Balancing problem solving, customer service, multi-tasking, and deadlines is enough to stress anyone out. Here are some quick tips to help you alleviate some of the stress of the workplace and help you enjoy what you do again!

Stress on the job

Find ways to get a handle on your stress while at work

Feeling the pressure to get a job done well and on time is stressful in itself. Instead of giving into the pressure and stressing out, find something that can help you calm down and refocus yourself. That may look like stepping away from the car for a quick 5 minute break to get some fresh air or maybe just some deep breathing exercises while you’re working.

Leave your personal problems at the door

As hard as it is to leave your personal problems at the door, it can be so helpful to do it. We all have run into a stroke of bad luck here and there and it’s really difficult to look past these problems when it feels like the world is falling down around you. But it’s so important to not let these personal problems affect your professional life. Remember, you are there to do a job and you won’t be able to solve your personal problems at work. So focus on the job. Who knows, maybe the feeling of accomplishment at work will help you feel better!

Get to know your co-workers better

Feeling like you’re part of a team can help you on so many levels. Trusting your co-workers can help make everything easier when you’re stressed out.  Wouldn’t it be great to know that you have a team of people who want to help each other out? Instead of stressing out and taking it out on your co-workers why not ask them for help or advice on a problem? You can also offer them help and support when they need it!

Remind yourself to be grateful

The feeling of gratitude can help make you forget all of the negative feelings you have. So learn to look for things you are grateful for. Be grateful to have a job. Be grateful to like your co-workers. Be grateful you had a delicious breakfast.  Be grateful for your dog! Almost anything you can think of can make you feel grateful. So focus on the positive! When you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, remind yourself about things that make you feel good!

Learn to manage your time effectively

Make sure you create a balanced schedule and don’t over-commit yourself.  You can only do so much in a day. Know how long a job will take you. The labor guide may say the job will take 3 hours, but you know from all of your experience it will take more like 4 hours. So don’t tell the customer it will be ready sooner than that. Better to tell them too long then not long enough; that way neither of you is stressed at the 3 hour mark.


These are just some steps you can take to relieve stress while you’re working. Just remember, there will always be angry customers and hot head co-workers. All you can control in those situations is yourself. So take a deep breath, remind yourself that you love what you do, and get to work!

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Christine Lowell

Written by Christine Lowell

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