2 New Google My Business (GMB) Features To Take Advantage of Now

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 @ 22:03 PM / by Pace Software

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New Google My Business Features To Improve Your Local Search Presence

For your Auto Repair Business

It’s no secret that Google is constantly making changes to all its platforms to make the user experience better. Google My Business is no exception to this rule. Recently, Google has been busy rolling out new release versions and testing new features in beta to help small businesses get found on Google.

So, let’s take a stock of the new Google My Business features and attributes and find out exactly what you can do with the new features to improve your local search presence.

Google My Business (GMB) Messaging 

Last month Google rolled out the messaging functionality within the GMB desktop interface. Earlier the messaging was only allowed through the GMB mobile app (and SMS prior to that).


What’s in it for you - The GMB messaging helps you connect directly with your potential customers to respond to their queries and help you attract and convert more customers. Plus, at the shop you have desktop computers open, so the speed of typing on a full-size keyboard will definitely make the process of responding to your customer enquiries easier.

Follow these simple steps to turn on GMB Messaging:

  • Login to your GMB account > Messages
  • Turn on Messaging
  • Turn on Notification Alerts

Just FYI - Google may revoke your messaging rights if you don’t respond to your customer enquiries within 24 hours.

Why so strict? User experience :)

You can customize the welcome message that your users will get when they message you. However they don’t count as a “real” response within the 24 hour time period.

BTW Google will display how fast you typically respond - the quicker the better!


Years in Business Label

You can now add an opening date to your GMB profile to tell your customers when your repair shop first opened. This is to build trust for your business. 

Sometimes, showing that your automotive services business has been in operation for many years will help searchers trust your business more.

High ratings (above 4.5 stars)+ and long history is what Google is now pushing its users to make decisions on.

How to add “years in business” to your Google My Business Listing

  • Login to your GMB account
  • Go to “Info” section on the left
  • Click “Add opening date”

Other than leveraging these two new GMB features, implement these (easy) strategies to get your auto repair shop on the Google Local-3 Pack.

If you need help with improving your local search rankings, please book some time on Chris Laub's calendar here or call right away (800)-336-1615 .

Along with an ‘All-in-One’ Auto Repair Software, Pace provides a full spectrum of digital marketing services, including: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online reputation management, and social media marketing that will help you put your shop on the Google Local 3-Pack.

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